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Jumbo Perch Spawn on Reel Weeds


Reel Weeds Perch Spawning Habitat Project 2007

Using Reel Weeds, South Dakota

perch habitat experiment hatches dramatic results


Working to address the unpredictable perch population in a glacial lake, officials from the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department authorized a pilot program initiated last winter by LaDredge Outdoors. In coordination with the South Dakota State University (SDSU), the groups placed 250 Reel Weeds™ structures in five areas throughout the lake. Reel Weeds™ was created to help ice anglers create instant, portable weed structure in lakes.  

Within 43 hours of deploying 250 Reel Weeds™ structures, 14 perch egg masses appeared. As water temperature increased in April, another 204 egg masses appeared in the next seven days. By the end of the spawning period, researchers found 247 egg masses on Reel Weeds™ structures. Each adult perch egg mass contains approximately 25,000 eggs. The custom design of Reel Weeds creates perfect adherence ability for the egg.

Dr. Dave Willis of the SDSU Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences tracked the progress of the research. “I was not surprised by the yellow perch using them,” he said. “I was surprised by the sheer number of egg masses on the Reel Weeds™.”

Willis said the biggest benefit of Reel Weeds™ is the product’s ease of use, ease of removal and longevity.

Click the below photo to view this fact and photo filled PDF presentation summarizing this project.


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LaDredge Outdoors is committed to introducing Reel Weedsinto the AquaHabitat and AquaCulture arenas.  Numerous stock ponds are now stocked with Reel Weeds™ to aid in providing structure, refuge and controlled aquatic management. 

We continue to research with dramatic results how Reel Weedscan also aid in fish reproduction by providing habitat which so many fish (like the Jumbo Perch) need.

Perch Spawn on Reel Weeds

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