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Quality First

 What are Reel Weeds

The artificial foliage developed and perfected by LaDredge Outdoors (Reel Weeds™) is a very detailed and accurately replicated foliage that fish relate to with no hesitation.  Nobody has filmed or documented fresh-water fish behavior and their attraction to structure more than our Pro-Staff research team.  The specific type of weed structure can make a huge difference. Fish know!!

LaDredge Outdoors (originated in 2001) has spent 12 years designing and perfecting Reel Weeds™.  It's the perfect artificial weed that has become popular nationally for underwater fishing purposes, fish reproduction/restoration projects, aquarium structure, and countless uses for private pond owners.  

Reel Weeds™ can be purchased directly from our online store in various lengths and quantities at a VERY affordable price. You buy the Reel Weeds™ and do the rest in designing your underwater structure. We've demonstrated some of those concepts in our "RW Applications" page with structure on a string, camera cable structure, etc. Get creative and create your own structure systems!!

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More about Reel Weeds

Safety, durability, and longevity: 

LaDredge Outdoors refuses to manufacture anything that is not 100% safe, time tested, and sturdy. We have done our homework.  The components of Reel Weeds™ were created with specific intent to prevent any potential introduction of chemicals, etc. into our precious fisheries.  Other products made with dyes, cloth, garland, tinsel, etc. may compromise the very quality that fishermen expect. We cut no corners.

Although appearance and weed familiarity to fish is important, quality, safety, and durability are our number one priority.  Our product line has been custom designed and manufactured with all these factors in mind.  Reel Weeds™ can withstand winter weather conditions and are completely safe in our fisheries.  We cut no corners when manufacturing the highest quality artificial weed structure.

Are Reel Weedsindestructable (including in sub-zero conditions)?

 "Indestructable" is a claim that nobody could make with so many variables that bitter cold conditions present.

You can trust that we have gone to extreme lengths to design Reel Weedsto stand up to the elements, including an exclusive custom mold-injection plastic recipe rated for well below zero. Understandably, Reel Weeds™ are extremely tough, but not indestructable.

Many more things than the temperature come in to play when bitter sub-zero cold conditions present themselves to the molecular components of even the highest quality products like Reel Weeds.

We advise, as a general rule that much like the rest of your ice fishing equipment, if you intend to use Reel Weeds™ in sub-zero conditions to keep them in a warm of place as possible before and after submersing.  By following this instruction Reel Weeds™ will perform at the highest potential.


 Homemade structure advisory

It is always tempting to make our own products and we certainly don't intend to stand in the way of that. However, as a cautionary note, nearly all products typically sold as crafts, pet supplies, or fabrics are NOT designed for this type of a submersible application and are typically intended for indoor-household decor, heated aquariums, etc.

If you do construct your own structure please research the material you are using to ensure they don't contain wire, dye, or any other harmful residuals or bacterial absorbant qualities.

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