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Add structure to anything

Turn floating and submersible lights into Reel Weeds™ Structure!!!

Hanging light to glowing Reel Weed light.bmp

Hanging COS on submersible light.png


Reel Weeds™ applications are literally endless. We've demonstrated a few of them on this page. In addition to fishing strategies, Reel Weedscan be utilized in a number of applications in the field of aquaculture and aquahabitat. Introduce instant weed structure to Private ponds, backyard ponds, rearing ponds or lake shore property (where legal) with Reel Weeds™. Optimizing fish habitat, reproduction and natural surroundings. As many photographs on this page demonstrate, putting clips on both ends allow for attachments of:

  • Weights
  • Marker buoys
  • Floating/submersible fishing lights
  • Docks
  • Rafts
  • Extra rod and reel to cast out a COS so you can anchor and fish close to your instant structure
  • Countless other applications

Weighted COS that floats straight up.png

Introduce Reel Weeds™ as AquaHabitat to private stock ponds, rearing ponds and lakes that require much needed nesting and/or protective habitat.

Visit our AquaHabitat here



 Private stock and rearing ponds.png

Marker Buoys

Attach Reel Weedsto nearly all types of marker buoys in various ways.  Methods and strategies in turning your marker buoys into Reel Weedsstructure is only limited to your imagination. Place structure exactly where you want it!

COS on Buoy.png

COS hanging from Buoy.png

Two COSs hanging from Buoy.png

COS on reel in buoy.png

COS hanging from reel in Buoy Marker.png

bass and walleye in structure 10-05-05.JPG

Structure is Everything!!!!.JPG



Turn gear into structure!

Clip a weight to the bottom and clip the top to a line, dock, or countless other applications!!

Weighted COS and clip line to top.png

Turn your minnow trap into a Reel Weeds™ minnow magnet!!
Empty minnow trap.png
COS wrapped on minnow trap.png
COSs clipped and floating on minnow trap.png

Turn your boat anchor into structure!

COS on anchor.png


COS illustrations.jpg

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