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 Make your own Structure on a String™

This page contains photos and videos of a custom made weed structure, These samples include 4 to 6 feet of patented ReelWeeds structure, 40 feet of cordage, an adjustable "ice free" float, and a storage unit.

With your purchase you get the Reel Weeds and the "ice free" float. You do the rest and create a fish magnet!

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Structure on a String

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Just add structure

The videos playing below show the barren bottom that many lakes have, particularly in the winter. Adding Reel Weeds structure is a clear magnet to attract and hold fish.
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Countless SOS sets

Half moon formation.JPG

V funnel formation 2.JPG

Line Formation 1.JPG

Fish all around REEL WEEDs Mille Lacs 3.JPG




Structure on a Stringä

The "SOS" is a depth-adjustable system that's typically constructed with up to 6 feet of weighted Reel Weeds structure, cordage, an adjustable "ice free" float, and a storage unit. You want enough weight to get it to the bottom of the lake and most people create a storage system (like below) to keep everything in order.

With your purchase you get the Reel Weeds structure and an "ice free" float. You can use your imagination to construct your own version of the Structure on a Stringä for a VERY affordable price. 

SAMPLES: Structure on a String:

SOS on reel.JPG   SOS reel with float in slot.JPG   SOS float and weed off reel.JPG   SOS down the hole.JPG


  • For under $1.00 you can buy an extension cord holder at many retail stores. These work perfect for keeping your SOS organized and in order.
  • We suggest weights of at least 4 ounces. Heavier is better to get the weeds down faster for easy and quick set-up.

FACT: Fish seek out structure to find refuge and food. When they find it, they stick to it.  In areas such as mud flats, there are fish but seldom any weed structure.  In the winter, underwater weed structure becomes sparse nearly everywhere. 


Worried about the SOS freezing in the hole?  You don’t have to because we addressed that in the float we designed.  Even in cold winter conditions the “SOS” float prevents your structure from being trapped in the ice while you are fishing.  

Water will often freeze around the float, but when you are ready to retrieve your “SOS”, simply squeeze the float and lift straight up.  

Open water will be revealed the size of the float allowing you to reel your “SOS” right up. No chipping, no worries, no problem.


SOS removed from frozen hole.JPG

SOS frozen in hole.JPG



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