Light-weight Shack

Light enough to be pulled by an ATV or snowmobile making it possible to get around on the ice easy. Start building!

The strongest, most light-weight, compact, and portable fish house

the Zack shack® year-round, use with 30-second setup!

Watch how easy

Simple setup & countless uses! Ice house, decoy trailer, mobile hunting blind, camping trailer and more.

Watch how easy & convenient it is to move The Zack Shack® around!

So many uses in one Zack Shack

The Zack Shack® is probably the only fish house you will use more in the summer than the winter. With the New ZS60 Door it will allow you to drive your lawnmower, ATV, snow blower, or snowmobile right into the house.. Load your motorcycle and head for the rallies and it will double as a bunk house that would beat a tent. Use it as an enclosed trailer to help move the kids to college.

The Zack Shack® has a 3500 lbs.axles allowing for a 1800 to 2000 lb.payload capacity.

The Zack Shack® is the only hard shell fish house that is faster and easier to set up than any portable. With its 30 second set up time, you could be catching fish before your neighbor, in his canvas portable, has even dropped his lines . With the optional patent pending automatic scissors tongue you can set the fish house down on the ice without unhooking your vehicle.

The Zack Shack® can be used when cold and windy. With the spray foam insulation it takes very little to heat. Some use a double mantle lantern. Anyone who has ever used a canvas portable fish house knows that if it's very cold and windy they are impractical at best.

ice-fishing-house-setup.jpgThe Zack Shack® Floats!
We hope you never have to experience this feature, but yes they float! Our ice fishing houses are constructed of floatable materials. Just another reason you can feel safe fishing out of a Zack Shack.

The New Frack Shack (Oil Shack)
For all of our Bakken Oil friends out there who are in need of a portable home, office, or warming house this is the shack for you! The Frack Shack does not come standard with fishing holes, but it can be loaded with all of our accessories including ice fishing holes. The Frack Shack is the perfect solution for construction sites, oil wells, or simply as a camping and hunting shack. The Frack Shack drops down to the ground with ease and can be kept warm with minimum heating. Comes standard with one walk-in door.  

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When all was said and done of the fish we caught, 85% or more came from holes that were drilled within ten feet of the Reel Weeds. Coincidence? I think not.

Deitz Dittrich and Paul Waldowski


The Zack Shack Fish House also doubles as the following:

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