A Proven Fish Magnet!

We are currently out of all 6 foot Reel Weeds. Reel Weeds can easily be spliced together to create longer lengths which is practical for aquahabitat and aquariums. 

Fish seek out structure for food and protection. When you introduce Reel Weeds™ structures into an area void of natural weeds or protection, fish are drawn to it, like ducks to decoys - STRUCTURE IS EVERYTHING!

It's the perfect artificial weed that has become popular nationally for underwater fishing purposes, fish reproduction/restoration projects, aquarium structure, and countless uses for private pond owners.  

Although appearance and familiarity to fish is high on the list, quality, safety and durability exceeds everything else. Our product line has been custom designed and manufactured specifically with these factors in mind. It can withstand extreme winter weather conditions and is completely safe in our fisheries. We will cut no corners to provide to you the best possible artificial weed structure.

Reel Weeds™ applications are literally endless. In addition to fishing strategies, Reel Weeds™ can be utilized in a number of applications in the field of aquaculture and aquahabitat. Introduce instant weed structure to private ponds, backyard ponds, rearing ponds or lake shore property (where legal) with Reel Weeds™, optimizing fish habitat, reproduction and natural surroundings. Putting clips on end allow for attachments of:

  • Weights
  • Marker buoys
  • Floating/submersible fishing lights
  • Docks
  • Rafts
  • Extra rod and reel so you can anchor and fish close to your instant structure
  • Countless other applications

LaDredge Outdoors refuses to manufacture anything that is not 100% safe, time tested, and sturdy. We have done our homework.  The components of Reel Weeds™ were created with specific intent to prevent any potential introduction of chemicals, etc. into our precious fisheries.  Other products made with dyes, cloth, garland, tinsel, etc. may compromise the very quality that fishermen expect. We cut no corners.

Reel Weeds™ were designed to withstand extreme temperatures, and are manufactured using an exclusive custom mold-injection plastic recipe rated for well below zero. 

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs for more information. 

When all was said and done of the fish we caught, 85% or more came from holes that were drilled within ten feet of the Reel Weeds. Coincidence? I think not.

Deitz Dittrich and Paul Waldowski