Reel Weeds™ Applications & Uses

Reel Weeds™ applications are literally endless. In addition to fishing strategies, Reel Weeds™ can be utilized in a number of applications in the field of aquaculture and aquahabitat. Introduce instant weed structure to private ponds, backyard ponds, rearing ponds or lake shore property (where legal) with Reel Weeds™, optimizing fish habitat, reproduction and natural surroundings. You can also put clips on both ends allow for attachments of weights, marker buoys, underwater cameras, floating/submersible fishing lights, docks, boat lifts, fish cribs, rafts, aquahabitat, aquariums and ponds. 

Clip your Reel Weeds to any underwater structure to create a fish magnet! Click on any of the images below for explanations.  

Attach Reel Weeds™ to nearly all types of marker buoys in various ways.  Methods and strategies in turning your marker buoys into Reel Weeds™ structure is only limited to your imagination. Place structure exactly where you want it! Click on any of the images below for larger views. 

Use Reel Weeds with all underwater cameras!
Any time you are using an underwater camera, wrap a Reel Weed around it. Not only does it camouflage the unfamiliar structure, it will actually draw fish to your camera! Easily attach to any camera with twist or cable ties.

Blank to CCS.JPG 

Turn floating and submersible lights into Reel Weeds™ Structure. Click on any of the images below for larger views. 

Turn your boat lift, diving platform and fish crib into a fish magnet.
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Use Reel Weeds in private stock ponds, rearing ponds, backyard ponds or lakes that require much needed nesting and/or protective habitat.
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Create a lush look for your aquarium while providing a environment where fish feel comfortable and protected.
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Perfect for Koi Ponds, Backyard Ponds, Rearing Ponds, Bass Ponds, Water Features, Farm Ponds, Private Ponds, etc. 
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I began using Reel Weeds last year with excellent results. A very well constructed product that will last you for many seasons.

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