Attract Fish Under Docks, Boat Lifts & Fish Cribs

Fish like docks. 

Fish love docks with Reel Weeds!

We are currently out of all 6 foot Reel Weeds. Reel Weeds can easily be spliced together to create longer lengths which is practical for aquahabitat and aquariums. 

Reel Weeds for Docks is a single strand of durable plastic that is molded to mimic common underwater vegetation that attract and hold fish. These strands come in four and six foot lengths. Reel Weeds™ for Docks is equipped with a clip on the bottom. This is for attaching a weight (not included).

Reel Weeds™ for Docks are not only for docks. They can turn your boat lift, diving platform, fish crib and crappie light into a fish magnet. 



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4' Reel Weeds™ for Docks

Sold in packs of 5 or 10.

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I began using Reel Weeds last year with excellent results. A very well constructed product that will last you for many seasons.

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Reel Weeds--Real Deal

Reel Weeds are mobile artificial fish attractors closely resembling freshwater weeds, and while the use of artificial fish attractors isn't new, incorporating the idea into a portable system is. The concept is designed to mask the otherwise unnatural profile of underwater camera cables and camera head... View Article