Reel Weeds for Aquariums

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We have SOLD OUT of all Reel Weeds in 6 foot lengths and are no longer in stock. The 4 foot Reel Weeds are an excellent alternative and offer the same excellent structure and can easily be spliced for creating lengths to meet your Reel Weeds needs.

Create a lush look for your aquarium while providing a environment where fish feel comfortable and protected. Reel Weeds™ for Aquariums are available in 1.5' lengths, and are easily customized to any size tank. Reel Weeds are used in aquariums in homes, malls, restaurants, public aquariums, zoos, and retail stores across the country and are currently featured in Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America aquariums and Cabela's stores throughout the Midwest.

Perfect for:

  • Cold & Warm Aquariums
  • Salt Water & Fresh Water Tanks

The plastic foliage structures are manufactured with quality and environmental safety in mind, and contain no wire, dye, or any other harmful residuals or bacterial absorbent qualities.

Reel Weeds for Aquariums are also available in both 4' and 6' lengths more suitable for large aquariums. For more information on how we can assist in large orders for public and private aquariums please contact us by clicking on the link below and we will get back to you immediately.
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4' Reel Weeds™ for Aquariums

Reel Weeds™ for Aquariums

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I began using Reel Weeds last year with excellent results. A very well constructed product that will last you for many seasons.

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