Reel Weeds Instructions

RealWeeds_MacroShot.pngCongratulations on purchasing the original and legendary Reel Weeds™ Artificial Fishing Structure. Now you have the ability to create your own weed bed wherever and whenever you wish. Reel Weeds™ have been engineered with over ten years of field testing to be able to withstand freezing temperatures and underwater conditions. Reel Weeds™ truly offer unlimited applications!

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Reel Weeds™ for Ice Fishing
Reel Weeds™ for Docks and Ponds
Reel Weeds™ for Aquariums


Reel Weeds™ for Ice Fishing

Why Reel Weeds™ bring the bite to you!

In the winter, most underwater vegetation goes into a dormant phase where all but the roots die off and fall the bottom of the lake where they decompose. This creates baron mud flats providing little to no natural structure. Fish, especially pan fish, seek out any structure they can find for shelter and to hunt for insects and fry. Larger predatory fish seek out the structure to hunt. Go to to see amazing videos and pictures. You will be blown away at the attraction powers of Reel Weeds we have recorded!

How to use Reel Weeds for Ice Fishing

All you need is some cordage, a weight, and a cord lock or bobber to assemble your instant Reel Weeds™ structure. Tie on a snap at the end of the cord, run your cord through the cord lock or bobber and Ice-Free Float and then use the snap to attach the Reel Weed. Attach a weight at the bottom of the Reel Weed™ to submerse it. Put the Reel Weed™ into the water and let it sink to the bottom. When your line goes slack you are on the bottom. In order to utilize the Ice-Free Float and keep the Reel Weed as vertical as possible, use the cord lock or bobber above the Ice-Free Float to adjust it. Tighten up any slack in the line and adjust the cord lock or bobber so that there is a little tension pulling down on the Ice-Free Float. An extension cord holder works perfect as a storage unit.

The Ice-Free Float
The Ice-Free Float is closed cell foam. The float itself can not absorb water or freeze. When the water freezes around the float, simply grab the Ice-Free Float, give it a little squeeze, and pull up. The open water left behind leaves room to pull your Reel Weeds up. If you’re fishing throughout the night or over many hours, it is a good idea to clean the hole out from time to time as ice holes eventually freeze solid.
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Reel Weeds™ for Docks and Ponds

1. Each Reel Weed™ has a loop at the top which is used for attaching the Reel Weed to the underside of whatever structure you desire – docks, swimming platforms, boat lifts, piers, etc. IF USING FOR PONDS SIMPLY CUT OFF TOP LOOP. THEY ARE EQUIPPED with a clip on the bottom. This is for attaching a weight (not included). 

2. “Reel Weeds™ for Docks” is equipped with a clip on the bottom. This is for attaching a weight (not included).

3. Many docks have removable sections and/or bracing on which Reel Weeds™ can be attached. With the dock in the water, measure the distance from the dock to the bottom of the lake/river. Reel Weeds™ may be attached directly to the underside of your dock using cable ties, cord, or rope. However, many people find that using eye bolts or eye screws mounted to the underside of the dock sections or bracing makes a handy attachment point. If water is deeper than the length of the Reel Weeds™, extra line or cord will be needed. In shallower water, Reel Weeds™ may need to be trimmed, folded, or cut into two pieces to create two Reel Weeds™. If you choose to trim or cut the Reel Weeds™, additional clips, cable ties, etc. may be needed to form new loops in the Reel Weeds™ for attachment.

4. Over time, your Reel Weeds may become “dirty” as algae, insect larvae, egg sacks, etc. begin to attach to the Reel Weeds™. This is expected and actually helps to promote a healthy habitat for fish. This growth, however, can be effectively removed by simply spraying down the Reel Weeds™ with a garden hose.


Reel Weeds™ for Aquariums

Reel Weeds are used in aquariums in homes, malls, restaurants, public aquariums, zoos, and retail stores across the country. The “Reel Weeds™ for Aquariums” provide 1.5 feet of Reel Weeds foliage that is perfect for your aquarium habitat needs. The Reel Weeds may be trimmed to fit the water depth of your aquarium. The Reel Weeds ™ have 4 inches of stem at the bottom for burying in the gravel or other substrate in your tank. This stem also allows plenty of room to attach a weight if desired, or to slip under a rock or other decorative structure in your aquarium. Reel Weeds are naturally buoyant and are easily cleaned for years of use.


When all was said and done of the fish we caught, 85% or more came from holes that were drilled within ten feet of the Reel Weeds. Coincidence? I think not.

Deitz Dittrich and Paul Waldowski

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